August 27th Board Meeting

Here are all of the documents that are on the agenda for discussion at the August 27, 2013 Board Meeting. Let us know if you have any questions. See next week!



Board Meeting Agenda 8-27-13
Board Meeting Minutes and Attendance Matrix (FINAL) 6-3-13
Board Meeting Minutes and Attendance Matrix 7-19-13
Board Retreat Minutes and Attendance Matrix 8-3-13
Board Retreat Notes 8-3-13
Executive Director’s Report 8-27-13
Operations/Program Report 8-27-13
Finance Committee Report 8-27-13
July 2013 Financials 8-27-13
2012 IRS 990 Form
Marketing Committee Report 8-27-13 (Pending)
Fundraising/Development Report 8-27-13
CBCST Conflict of Interest Policy* (This document is for viewing purposes only, there will be a handout at the meeting)

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